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Product news

The company "KAPI electronics GmbH" -known for the development of the flight data recorder for general aviation- is publishing an updated and software technical completely renewed flight data recorder "Kapi Air" with an internal acceleration sensor +/-6g for registering and recording the data on all three axes at starts, landings and "Touch&Go's" as well. Also, you can connect the new Kapi Air with a RFID reader, so charter and pilot schools can state out exactly, who is in the airplane right now. Through a chip card, Kapi Air Reader recognizes, the name and assigned number of the pilot.

KAPI electronics with new project

A new interface for the recording/evaluation of EFIS-data via CAN-aerospace interface was developed for KAPI-FDR. The aviation service area got extended and is at your service. Also, KAPI developed a new pneumatic safety system for aircrafts and UAV/UAS, which let to a worldwide patent application.