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KAPI electronics with extended product and service features for general aviation

The company KAPI electronics GmbH, known for the development of flight data recorders (FDR) and data loggers for general aviation, will again come up with new and innovative developments this year.
For example, the Kapi Radio Converter RC22 for optimal flight radio range increase.
Aerodromes have to ensure constant listening to ensure that radio communications can be carried out during flights under visual flight rules.
Flight controllers who are not constantly on the tower can also carry out the necessary radio communication on the airfield with an approved handheld radio. In order to maintain a certain freedom of movement in daily operation, a frequency change to other radio frequencies is more efficient and effective in order to achieve an extended transmission and reception radius. A frequency amplifier, repeater, is prohibited in the approval process of the Federal Network Agency and the Federal Supervisory Office for Air Traffic Control.
Kapi electronics has developed a digital radio converter, which is only connected between the flight radio of the tower in order to achieve a radio range at the respective area. This means that 1:1 communication can then continue via the flight radio frequency.

Further information: Flyer in the download area
(Status: 2nd quarter 2022)

New Kapi SPS Control KSC box

With the newly developed KSC-Box you maintain, control and program your Well, lifting or heating system remotely and thus reduce the maintenance and/or warranty costs many times over. You can check the functioning systems from the company location or from your home office, change settings, do updates and backups as well as necessary reprogramming as if you were on site.
You simply connect the Kapi SPS control box to the network interface of your control system and you receive immediate remote access to the programming software and the network for your SPS devices via a secure VPN connection.

The advantages:
  • low personnel and maintenance costs
  • fast service through remote maintenance
  • optimal support, adapted to the needs of your customers
  • Possibility of data acquisition, storage, alarm and visualizations
  • Saving of time and energy costs
  • Secure, encrypted direct connection via mobile radio in your own VPN network, without additional costs via cloud systems

Further information: Flyer in the download area
(Status: 2nd quarter 2022)